Update from Brammo: Empulse Production, Transmissions?

Just got this from Craig at Brammo:

Dear Ted Dillard,
Thank you for your support (… yaddayaddayadda …)  We have been testing and developing more groundbreaking technology which has proven to greatly improve acceleration. I will continue to update you about this exciting technology as news becomes available.

With such intense interest in the Empulse, Brammo teams and suppliers across the globe are working hard to deliver you a motorcycle of the level of quality Brammo riders have come to expect. We had a tough decision to make recently: Deliver the Empulse this riding season, or integrate our latest technology and deliver a superior bike in 2012. After much deliberation, we decided to be true to our values and build the best bike we can. We still have a good amount of work and testing to do in order to bring you the world’s greatest electric motorcycle. We believe it is going to be worth the wait. For those of you who are interested, we plan to involve some of you in test riding the new Empulse once we have completed the safety testing.

This week we will be announcing some new prototype models based on the new technology. These bikes have helped us thoroughly test and prove the technology that is being integrated into the Empulse.

(… yaddayaddayaddya …)

I will be in touch again soon…

Craig Bramscher
CEO and Founder Brammo Inc.

Did you see that bit?  Now, from the Official Press Release:

“– For Immediate Release –
Brammo Announces a Strategic Partnership with SMRE and Launches New Brammo Motorcycles with patented IET Six Speed Drivetrain.

Ashland, OR, and Italy, May 4th 2011–Brammo, Inc. a global leader in the electric vehicle industry and S.M.R.E. Engineering, a leading engineering research and development company today announced that Brammo and SMRE have entered into a strategic partnership. As a part of this agreement, Brammo has acquired an exclusive international license of SMRE’s patented Integrated Electric Transmission™ (IET). IET enables Brammo to offer its electric motorcycles with a 6 speed transmission – further improving performance and range. The first application of the new IET will be on the Brammo Engage and Encite which are announced today and which will be unveiled prior to competing in the MiniMotoSX race in Las Vegas on Friday, May 6, 2011.”

Can you say, “i can haz transmisshion on Empulze?”


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