…from Fossils to Flux is LIVE!

I’ve been hard at work finishing up the last of the book, and after an epic slam, I’m pleased to report it’s DONE, and LIVE on Lulu.com!

…from Fossils to Flux puts together all the pieces that you need to start your own electric motorcycle conversion.  I’ve tried to give you the big picture, with all the details you need to understand the systems, your options, and how to go about making the decisions you’re going to face along the way.  With the help of some great folks – notably, Noah Podolefsky, as my Technical Editor, to help check facts and flesh out concepts, I think we got it done.  We have a book that, regardless of the direction you want to take your project, will point the way.

Here’s the Contents:


The Parts

The Batteries, 15
Lead, 16
Mobility Batteries, 16
Odyssey “Dry Cell” Batteries, 16
“Orbital” Batteries, 17
Lithium Batteries, 17
The Peukert Effect, 20
Battery Management Systems, 21
Controllers, Contactors and Converters (oh my!), 24
The Controller, 24
Sensorless Controllers, 28
The Contactor, 29
The Converter, 29
Random Thoughts and Observations
Random Thoughts: Regenerative Braking (from Brammo), 30
Random Thoughts: Motors- Axial vs. Radial air gap motors, 31
Random Thoughts: A Short Primer on the History of the Etek Motor, 32
Random Thoughts: Hub Motors, 34
Random Thoughts: Motor Cooling, 37
Motor Cooling Questions ANSWERED, 39
Random Thoughts: Transmissions?, 40

The Plan

Picking the Parts and Pieces- (decisions, decisions…), 42
The Motor Lineup- the Tried and True, 48
Permanent Magnet DC, 48
Series-wound DC, 49
AC Induction, 50
Sepex (Separately Excited) DC, 50
The Other Parts
Figuring the Gear Ratio, 51
Switches Made Simple, 52
The Charger Choice, 53
The On-Board Mounting Decision, 54
Buying a Rolling Chassis, 56
Interlude: The Secrets of the Universe- KWh, 58
The Motor Mount, 59
Mounting the Batteries, 61
Mounting the Batteries- Part Two: Essentials, 64
Battery Connections… or, “24s4p? Huh?, 66
Wiring Diagram, 67
Grounding and Fusing the System, 68
More Random Thoughts: The “Recycle” Angle, 70

Cool Tools- Essentials for the Builder
Making Connections, 71
Cutting, 72
Hand Tools, 74
Air Tools, 74
Meters, 76
The BFH, 76
The Co-op Shop / VocTech Angle, 77

The Ride
Ride Safe, 79

Epilogue: The Second Build, 81

Conclusion, 85

Glossary, 86

Bibliography, Links and Resources, 103

Preview more from the book, and order yours from Lulu.com here.


4 responses to “…from Fossils to Flux is LIVE!

    • The print version is pretty pricey, I thought, so I wanted to make the D/L version affordable. Usually they say to price a digital version like the Kindle and stuff at half the print version…

      Plus I wanted to inspire you to save a tree. Well. A branch. 🙂

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