A123 Hooks up with Mavizen, TTXGP

Big news for us builders, Mavizen, the company that is under the wing of TTXGP (or vice versa) has announced they have inked a deal with A123 to set up a distributor channel.

The press release is on the Mavizen site, here. Here are some of the yummy bits:

Mavizen is proud to announce a supply and distribution agreement with A123 Systems by which Mavizen will offer A123’s advanced Nanophosphate® lithium ion battery technology for two-wheeled high-performance motorsports applications. A123 is the world’s first Tier 1 OEM supplier to directly set up an official distribution channel for the advancement of clean-tech motorsports.

Initially, Mavizen will offer A123’s AMP20 prismatic cells and over the course of the relationship, intends to offer the full portfolio of A123’s lithium ion battery cells, which are designed to deliver a combination of high energy and power density. A123’s solutions also demonstrate industry-leading abuse tolerance coupled with excellent life performance under the most rigorous duty cycles.

Now, that all sounds just a little coy…  but enquiring minds want to know: I CAN HAZ A123?

Well now.  I just got this note from Azhar about that:

Hi Ted,

Thought I would clear up some stuff.

It’s a big deal that A123 have selected TTXGP and Mavizen as their platform of choice to engage with motorsport. However we are here to support beyond TTXGP and beyond 2 wheels. We are just about to ship our first 1,000 A123 AMP20 Prismatic Pouch cells to a non motorcycle customer and more are in the pipeline.

Our commitment to A123 is to build expertise and resources around the technology to best support all our partners safely, practically and cost effectively.  That means complete systems, trackside support and warranty coverage. Expect the real potential of this relationship to be realised for 2012. This is our build out year.

We have other OEM deals in the pipeline to announce later in the year. The important thing is that our community will get access to the best stuff through official channels in a timely manner.

Be part of it just got a little bit easier.

See you at the races and thanks for your support at New Hampshire.

Best wishes,


That sounds a lot like “YES!  You can HAS A123!” to me.  I’m sure we’ll learn more as the deal gets developed, but this is huge- until now, A123 sounded like it was totally reserved for development for major auto makers, and that was it.  It does, however, sound like you need to more than just a casual buyer – not a hobbyist, but possibly a team, (race or research), a small manufacturer, at least someone who is going to invest in the whole system/support package.  A123 has long been protective of it’s technology, and my personal opinion is that it’s because if the stuff isn’t used, configured and supported properly the result is a whole ton of bad press.  More than that.  A whole ton of misconceptions even in the EV community.  So yeah, it seems like you have to be serious. But if you are, you got your batteries. 


3 responses to “A123 Hooks up with Mavizen, TTXGP

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  2. It’s too bad that these cells aren’t available. I’ve been trying for a week to get communication going with Mavizon, and they don’t respond very well, they don’t even list a phone number on their site. This is just one more organization that doesn’t want business. We want to purchase several of these A123 AMP20 Prismatic Pouch Cells, and they don’t seem very interested in sales.


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