TTXGP Comes to New England!!!

YEAH baybee!  Welcome to MY world!

I got emails this morning from both Azhar Hussain and the Infamous and Notorious Brammofan with a cryptic link...  and the message “lucky bastard” and “;)”.  It seems that a certain “America’s Oldest Race” – the Louden Classic – is meeting up with the AMA’s Newest Championship…  The TTXGP is coming, the TTXGP is coming!

OK OK, now settle down…  must.  catch.  breath. OK, here’s the linky for the NHMS.  The date?  Saturday June 18th.

Will I be there?  YA THINK??!!

The TTXGP is coming, the TTXGP is coming!

OK, for you poor, ignorant folks out there who don’t understand just how cool this is…  The Louden Classic is the culmination of Laconia Motorcycle Week – what, in my youth, was one of the roudiest rockin-est rallies of bikers in the WORLD, and has since become a little more sanitized and AMA-ified…  you know.  To attract more families.  (biker families…)  It started at Weirs Beach in 1916.  Yes.  1916.  It makes Sturgis look like a kid’s tea party.

Above all, so much more than just an excuse for a bunch of old Harley guys to drink beer and fart loudly in public, it’s about the race, and for the TTXGP to be able to show here is second only to the Isle of Man race in making Motorsports history.

(The TTXGP is coming, the TTXGP is coming!)

The Official Laconia Motorcycle Week page is here.


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