Progress Report: Instruments (brackets)

I’m using a classic, vintage voltmeter on the bike- analog, a treasure from the MIT Flea Market at $8.  It’s a 0-150v Simpson bakelite panel meter, probably around 1960 vintage.  So I needed a bracket for it.  One that would fit with the big solid aluminum speedo I have.

I made this thing like you’d make a piece of solid silver jewelry- rough cut it with a hacksaw, filed it, ground it and polished it.  I feel like I chewed this out of solid aluminum with my teeth, and, damn.  If I do say so myself, it looks damn fine.

I will probably mount my Low-Voltage warning light on that cross-bracket, maybe something else too, but I’m going to keep it really simple, and really analog.


2 responses to “Progress Report: Instruments (brackets)

  1. Gorgeous!

    I’ve thought of using these classic gauges as well, but most seem to use really sensitive needles. I was worried that bouncing around on a two wheeler would throw them off whack. How have you found the durability of the needle mechanism on yours?



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