Hell for Leather: the Amarok P1 and TTXGP

If you’ve been looking for a reason to subscribe to HfL, this is it.  I can only post a tease here out of respect to the hardest working guys in the internets motorcycle news biz, but here’s a bike designed by Amarok Consultants,  what looks to be a motorcycle industry consulting firm.

Here’s what caught my attention: “Unlike the giants it will race against in the TTXGP series this year, it’s the size and weight of a 250GP bike. I’m hoping it goes like one too.”  …and you know how I like light and fast.  The other thing was a bit of scrutiny on the photo there…  a very tight chassis, batteries low and integrated.  Sweet, if it’s real.

Whether they can design the Amarok P1 with enough to make it through the race at speed, and still keep their battery weight down remains to be seen.  In a climate where Chip Yates and the “weight be damned” philosophy seems to be the thought of the day, it’s refreshing to see this kind of attempt.   As the saying goes, however: “On the track, that’s where you see how the ponies run…”

Go to Hell for Leather, and read more here.  And pay your money bitches.  It’s worth every dime.



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