Whole Foods: Leading the Charge on Renewable Energy

Wait.  What?  Whole Foods?  Energy?  That place you can start your little shopping trip with some awesome gelato and pick up a brilliant bottle of red wine for under ten bucks?  Yes.  That place.

I was down at the local Whole Foods chatting with the nice people about their Earth Day Block Party event…  (OK, yes, the name “Tesla” came up…) and the subject came around to electric motorcycles, (I know, it’s a shock – and a bad pun), renewable energy and such like that.  It turns out that my local Whole Foods has a solar farm on the roof – and a fuel cell in the back somewhere. Read all about it here, on their Green Mission page.

As it turns out, Whole Foods has been very aggressive about implementing renewable energy in almost all of it’s locations.  The corporate Green Mission page explains the bigger picture, and how it all fits into the Whole Foods corporate philosophy.

Here’s my favorite part:

“Whole Foods Market’s vision of a sustainable future means our children and grandchildren will be living in a world that values human creativity, diversity, and individual choice. … People will better understand that all actions have repercussions and that planning and foresight coupled with hard work and flexibility can overcome almost any problem encountered. It will be a world that values education and a free exchange of ideas by an informed citizenry; where people are encouraged to discover, nurture, and share their life’s passions.”

It’s really no surprise to see this kind of philosophy from a company like Whole Foods, considering the complete package that they give you in the stores- truly, it’s one of the few places where you can get excited about food, cooking, eating, and experimenting with new things, for the simple reason that you know the stuff is good, good for you, and brought to market in such a way that lets you sleep at night if you have even the slightest global awareness.  It’s not a surprise, but it sure is refreshing to see a huge corporation, which Whole Foods is, behaving like there’s someone at the top with a brain and a conscience. AND the commitment to put their money where their mouths are…

and some very cool technology.  (May I present….  Fuel Cell!)

(400 kilowatts from UTC Power produce approximately 90% of the store’s energy needs and all the hot water on-site.)


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