The Electric Motorcycle as Evangelist: Peerbackers

Trying a new source of funding…  Peerbackers is a site that gets the word out, helps you focus your efforts and gives your supporters a way to be a part of the project.  Check out the Peerbackers project  pitch here.

“Electric vehicles are boring.  They’re heavy, expensive and slow.  They may be necessary, but they aren’t fun, and certainly not exciting.”  Think this is true?  Think again.

I’m building an electric motorcycle- my second, and a restoration of a vintage 1972 Yamaha R5 roadracer.  Equipped with Lithium-polymer batteries, it will weigh less than the original bike, and be at least as fast- maybe faster.

This bike will be the showpiece of The Electric Chronicles, my website devoted to evangelizing Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude to solving our energy and economic woes.

  • Stage One is the completion of the bike, requiring additional investment of $5000 for the revolutionary battery system- unlike anything on any electric vehicle currently made- and the regular maintenance and contributions to The Electric Chronciles website and other EV and Renewable Energy websites.
  • Stage Two is the rollout of the bike.  Scheduled for this summer, we’re planning an appearance at the Virginia VIR TTXGP race- the world-wide all-electric race.  We have secure the use of a local airfield for speed trials, where we hope to break the 100mph mark.  We have secured the services of an award-winning filmmaker to create a unique, and compelling story of the project.
  • Stage Three is the fulfillment of our ultimate goal-  to use the website, the videos, the books and, above all, the bike, to travel to schools, events, races and rallies to promote Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy.

In addition, we’re developing several solutions for today’s energy needs, and hope to secure capital to bring these to market.  Join us, help us, become part of the Solution!

Help us out, spread the word, and if you like what we’re doing, back us!  Thanks to all for your continuing support!



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