The Fido Scooter from Fremont Motors

Woof. That that, China:

“50 years ago, scooters were built with real metal, could take some abuse, and an average joe could perform basic maintenance. We really want to bring that back. With Fido, we combined reliability, loyalty and a sense of style to do just that.”

I love this thing.  Why?  It makes perfect design sense- put the battery pack into the floorboards, use a hub motor, make it easy to work on.  It’s a cross between about four vehicles of similar types, and it’s a perfect fit.

It’s cute.  Yep.  That’s technical talk.

It’s American made, by SoundSpeed Scooters, guys who have been “been fixing Seattle’s busted scooters for years. From our “garage days” to our new Full Service Shop alongside the Fremont Canal, we have built our well trusted reputation through our superior high quality standards and excellent customer service. Along with our commitment to Vintage Scooter enthusiasts, Sound Speed Scooters is excited to be the first Seattle Shop offering high performance Electric Scooters from EVT.”

And finally.  They get the fact that you need to market, and market in a smart way.  It reminds me of Apple and (early) VW marketing…  know your audience and talk to them.  Unlike so many engineer-driven marketing that figures that if they make it sound technical and the best, everyone will want one.  Sorry, it’s a cross I’m bearing at the moment.

Fido’s Tricks

* 45 miles per hour
* 35 mile range (70 with boost pack)
* selectable vrooooom tones

* low maintenance
* straight forward
* loyal

…and who doesn’t want a loyal scoot?

See more at Freemont Motors, US.

They got a nice writeup on Autoblog Green: “With its one-sided wheels, disc brakes and hub motor, maintenance is minimal and the small stowable storage box you can carry as back pack is a great touch. If production hopes for the prototype come through, you should be able to collar one next year for about $5,000. You can keep up with their progress and show them some belly-rubbin’ love over on their Facebook page.”

…and, Hell for Leather, “If Apple Made and Electric Scooter”.

Check out the vintage Italian scooter collection here, especially at about 1:17!  A dead ringer!



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