FREE Li Ion Chargers!

My favorite four-letter word.  FREE!

I picked up about 150 of these little suckers via CraigsList Free stuff section this week, and want to make these available to my dear readers.  That’s YOU sparky!  It’s the least I can do to express my gratitude for the great support I’ve had, and friends I’ve met through the site.  Hell, anyone who reads my bad jokes deserves something…

Here’s the deal.  They are custom build chargers that were set up to charge three A123 cells.  That’s about all I can tell you.  They were going to be tossed by the company who ordered them, and the guy pulled them out of the dumpster-bound pile.  They do not have AC cords.  You pay shipping, and throw in some for beer, and we’re good.  I’d love to hear about the project you’re going to use them for, and I’d love them to go to something wild and crazy.  I won’t give them to you if you want to resell them, so don’t even.

Fair enough?  Email me with your request, here.



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