Charging Stations Part 2. (There’s an App for That.)

Via the Brammo blog, here’s the latest, and most logical EV Charging Station finder- an iPhone app called PlugShare.  The cool part is that it finds not only commercial charge stations, but public outlets and other EV enthusiasts who are happy to share a plug.  Hmmm.  Sounds dirty.  The coolest thing is it’s on the one thing you’re going to have with you when you need a charge…  your phone.  From the PlugShare App on the Apple store, this description:

PlugShare is a community-driven electric vehicle (EV) charging network that lets you to find places to charge and connect with other EV enthusiasts.

★ Share electricity with others
★ Don’t need an EV or special outlet to sign up
★ Complete database of public charging stations

PlugShare is free to install and use. Try it now!

Here’s a bit more on CNBC, and PlugShare is brought to you by the folks at Xatori – “a Palo Alto-based company founded in 2010 that builds innovative software for electric vehicles and an enlightened grid. CEO Forrest North was previously founder and CEO at Mission Motors and an engineer at Tesla Motors.”

hmmm.  Small world.

A little more info on the PlugShare site, here.



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