The Elmoto v2.0 Data Sheet (Lennon Rodgers Upgrade)

There are few tools out there that let you project the performance of your build that can rival the Lennon Rodgers Electric Vehicle Calculator, it’s long been the standard go-to spreadsheet to get some projections, any projections, on how things are going to be in the real world.

Well, now…  one “Coninsan” from ElMoto fame, AKA Steffen Terp Thomsen, started with that sheet with the aim to be “… improving the look, feel and workings of Lennon Rodgers sheet as well as bring new features to its capabilities in form of the Elmoto excel sheet V2.0”

(update: The sheet has been available on and off, depending on servers and such, so finally I’ve downloaded it and stored it on my own server, here: Elmoto2.18. And here, just for backup:

The Elmoto v2.o Data Sheet is a great example of the kind of collaboration that takes place on this forum, and Steffen graciously credits the community in a note on his sheet.  He’s made it open to all who are interested, but I personally would encourage you to at least read the thread, here, on ElMoto to get a feel for the decisions made and the contributions several members had in it.  Even better, if you’re not a member, sign up and put in your own 2¢.

Here, for the sake of proper documentation, is the version history as of this writing:
Version 2.0 Has a number of added features and improvements over the Elmoto 1.0 sheet.
– The user interface has been boiled down for easier viewing
– Full support for and all readouts now in Metric form as well as Imperial.
– Added support for incremental motor readouts, dynomometer readouts.
This feature supports:
Any known motor types and strengths.
Motor output up to 8000 RPM.
– Added graphical interpretaion of motor readout.
– Added a more accurate method of determening top speed.
Graphical readout off motor power up against aerodynamic and rolling resistances.
And if this method doesn’t pinpoint your motorcycles topspeed then this sheet also features RPM limited top speed.

Version 2.1 Brings a number of improved features over its previous version.
– Improved the interface slightly.
– Improved calculations regarding motor readout.
– Added graphical interpretations of Range, Acceleration and Costs.
– Added calculations for determinating the 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile times and time to top speed.
– Now factors Aerodynamic drag and Chain resistances in all calculations where these are relevant.

Version 2.15 Brings a number of improved features over its previous version.
– Added note stating origin of the sheet.
– Minor fixes of spelling mistakes or bugs.
– Some small tweaks to the graphs to prevent them from going out of control.
– Added support for limited motor opperation.
The motor output is now scaled according to battery limit in the form of rated continuous discharge.
– Battery life and costs now also factor battery rated continuous discharge.

Version 2.16 Brings a number of improved features over its previous version.
– Now factors both Max and continuous battery discharge.
– Limited motor operation is now based on Maximum battery discharge and not continuous (how foolish of me)


2 responses to “The Elmoto v2.0 Data Sheet (Lennon Rodgers Upgrade)

  1. It seems that the MultiUpload/Rapid Share link on the Elmoto forum is broken… do you have a version of the 2.18 file that you could email me?

    Well done on the Home Power article by the way, you got me hooked!

    Thanks in advance,


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