Dept. of Playing to Your Strong Suit: Rolls Royce and Electric Luxury

Now THIS is what I’ve been talking about.  Sell the electric drivetrain for what it is, not for what it tries to measure up to.

“Effortless, silent and powerful motoring…  Silent nature.  Seamless power.  Torque is what gives you that feeling of ‘whoosh’.”

Rolls Royce and the 102EX Phantom Experimental is an exercise in playing the cards you’re dealt.  Take a brand with a reputation for smooth, comfortable power, solid feel (read: weight and mass) with no particular ceiling on price point.  Plug in a drive train that has unrivaled smooth, comfortable power that is expensive to produce and on the heavy side, for adequate range.  Rather than trying to make the electric drivetrain something it’s not, quite yet anyway, you’re selling it on exactly what it is.

Bless the electric cars hitting the mass markets now…  Leaf, Volt, etc…   but the complaints are mass-market complaints.  High price.  Less than stellar performance.  Not great return-on-investment.  These are, ironically, all complaints held against cars like the Tesla and motorcycles like the Brammo Empluse, the Mission, and other “superbikes”…  They’re missing the point entirely.  In this market, if you have to ask the price, well…  you get the idea.


Is electric and luxury in accordance?” My answer?  Perfectly.

More on the Rolls Royce page,


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