Build Progress- Tank Takes Shape

Here’s my thinkin’.  One way or the other, I have to make a model of the “tank”…  the cover, really.  Now, as long as I’m going to all the trouble of fabricating something, it seemed a smart idea to fabricate something that actually might work.  Taking a page out of the West System Epoxy boatbuilding book, I opted for birch plywood reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy.  Here’s the progress report.

The top corners of the main shape are going to b radiused bigtime…  probably in the neighborhood of a 1 – 1 1/2″ round.  The coves in the knee cutouts are straight-through vents, and the hump to the seat will have a less dramatic radius on the edges.

If it doesn’t work, then it’s just going off to my sheetmetal guy to fabricate an aluminum part…  or I could use it as a mold for an ABS pull or even a fiberglass part…  but I think the “cellulose composite” idea is going to be perfect.  And it sounds so much better than “fiberglassed plywood”…



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