BattleBots: Witch doctor v Pandemonium (Bots IQ 2011)

You KNOW I like to mix it up here, and I’ve got some friends into some sick and twisted behavior.  I’m tempted to say that electric powered vehicles make strange bedfellows, but that sounds, well, dirty…  but here’s my friend RemoteContact, and his team’s robot Witch Doctor quite literally ripping up some boy’s little toy ‘bot.  Somewhere his momma is crying.  The best part is the robot happy dance at the end…

RemoteContact is a quiet, unassuming young man, currently working on some top-secret projects I’m dying to tell you about…  but RC lets his, uh, creations speak for him.  He’s been very active over the years on the Miami Battlebot scene, here’s a little sample of the banter that goes on around that event, on the IQ Miami forum.  He’s all over Endless Sphere and ElMoto, and has at least one electric motorcycle to his credit.  If I can find his build threads I’ll update that here…

As with the r/c helicopter community, the battlebot guys are pushing a lot of envelopes that us motorcycle and EV guys are only mildly aware of…  LiPo battery care and handling, ultra-powerful ultra-small brushless motor technology, multiple motors, multiple controller configurations, and some stuff I can’t even talk about.  Cause I don’t understand it.  These guys have led a lot of the manufacturers by the nose, by creating a demand for refinement and further development of their products.  It’s fair to say, without the battlebots and the helicopters, I wouldn’t be able to consider using Turnigy batteries for something I’m going to try to ride on…  safely anyway.

Great work, RC, and congrats to the whole team!

And here…  drum roll please, is the MAN hisself:

Thanks to Caro De Freitas ‎( for showing us RC in his natural habitat. Crushing the competition.



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