Tuck and Roll

Nope, no relation to “duck and cover”, “tuck and roll” is a time-honored hot-rodder upholstery technique.  I thought I remembered how to do it, but after finding this great tutorial, I remembered how awesome it really is- and a far cry from the stitch-over-foam crap that passes today.  Take a look at this example of the finished piece from the Hotrodders.com Tuck-and-roll tutorial, by DanTwoLakes, the moderator:

I’m a little torn, cafe seats are sort of an afterthought, a board with some foam and a cover, and making them too snazzy is kind of an affront to all that is cafe.  But I’m old.  I want a little cush on the tush.  So…  for me, it’s off to the alternate workshop:




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