Design Notes: Awesome Cafe Tanks

OCD being what it is, after going around in circles a few dozen times, I’m getting to the point of starting to actually make tanks.  I say “tanks”, because I’m just honest enough with myself to know I’m not probably going to stop at one…  Here are my tank notes- collected via Facebook, and naturally, I didn’t have the presence of mind to note where they came from.  Dammit.

I’m going to start with an early Honda roadracer- I saw one of these in the shop where I bought my first bike, a Honda CL100, and apparently it damaged me forever.  Enjoy…  if you have any identification info, please don’t hesitate to share, but I can tell you most of these probably came from my favorite site,

OK, let’s wrap up with the 917 Rider from SilenceTV:


2 responses to “Design Notes: Awesome Cafe Tanks

  1. What kind of bike is the 917 rider? I’ve looked everywhere. Is it a real bike or is it just art?


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