Predator Drag Bike and the “Burnout with the Twins”

ENOUGH with the scooters already!  I need to cleanse my palate.  What better than to watch a kickass dragbike video, featuring the “Twins”?

Read the whole story here, complete with blood, sweat, joy and tears, but the Predator is a bike that Electrafunk Racing is rebuilding with a couple of motors that none other than Shawn Lawless donated:

Motors are on their way. They should be good for 400 HP plus. I can’t wait to see the Predator on the track with GE power! AGNS managed 9.95 @ 128 MPH with one of these motors and AGM lead. ANGUS bike ran 8.60’s @169 MPH with a crappy chassis and two of them. Predator should hit the 7’s with the right battery pack. 2011 is going to ROCK!!!


“Dice” is Jeff Disinger, and if you want to follow the fun, here’s his YouTube channel.

And now…  without further ado, the “Burnout with the Twins”!

Here’s a little informal bio on Jeff:

“i have been building fast vehichles car/bike… whatever… whole life. a freak of nature in need of speed.i grew up with some really brilliant and awesome fabricators in my town. outside the box thinking lead me this point in my life.i own a 1970 mustang tube chassis pro-mod with a blown small block ford(first car i ever owned @15) a 1969 mini cooper panel van dropped on a honda crx platform…blower/nitrous, a 1969 valkyrie/gt-40…22 point tube chassis rear engine small block ford with blower/nitrous…220 mph car…the list does go on! my point?….i would rather be racing my electric dragbike…the predator! 20 years ago i concieved this bike,and it’s here and now! because of what we all believe in now. i love my ice toys…but i’m here to help turn as many that will listen…ELMOTO rules!”

WAIT!  There’s MORE!  Jeff is the owner, proprietor and head artist at Skin Funk Tattoos, in Cicero, NY.  He’s won numerous awards over the years such as the Syracuse New Times Best Tattoo and Piercing Studio -’98-’99, and 2nd Place at AMJAM for Best Female Backpiece-’99-’00, his Airbrushed Graphics have been the feature of many articles from the Syracuse Post Standard 12/2005, to Miniworld a European magazine devoted to the minicooper.

So THAT’s the face under the Predator helmet…

…wait, what’s that you say?  Scooters?  What’s a scooter?  (it’s WORKING!)



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