Quantya Announces New Scooter- vRone, Charging Stations- Electrant

Via their Facebook page, Quantya let slip some exciting teases:
“We’re pleased to present you the new scooter “vRone” and the charging station “Electrant”, resulting of close collaboration between QUANTYA SA and vonRoll Industries.

vonRoll, described on their site as a “Holding organisation specialised in industrial casting, infrastructure and IT-services” shows no indication of previous work with charging stations, though “vonRoll represents 200 years of industrial and …economic tradition “Made in Switzerland”.

So this looks like a Spring ’11 release, and between scooters and charging stations, Quantya sees it as a “mass-market” foray.

I know, not too much, but keep an eye out, I’m sure there’s going to be buzz aplenty on this one.

Some more details, via cars21.com:
“vRone: Developed by Von Roll and Quantya, the vRone was presented at SWISS-MOTO for the very first time to a broader audience. With a maximum speed of 100 km/h, a 100 km driving range on one charge and more than 1,000 charging cycles, development and manufacturing are “Made in Switzerland”. The manufacturer claims that the model will be fully recyclable. First units will be delivered to the Swiss market as from April on.”

More, from m-way (I have no idea how reliable this is, for the record):

Price (advance notice): about CHF 8’000.- (inc. VAT)
available from March 2011
Technical data

Maximum speed 100 km/h
Range 100 km (combined)
Battery Quantya Lithium Polymer
Motor type Belt drive
Motor output 7 kW
Suspension fork Paioli
Suspension Paioli
Brakes Front: 220 mm disc brake/ rear: drum brake
Charge time (standard charger) 4.5 hours (slow) for maximum range
3 hours (normal) for maximum range
2 hours (rapid) for maximum range
Vehicle category single track motor vehicle
Driving licence class A1 from age 18
Weight 112 kg

Even more at PlugBike!  (natch…)


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