Green Job Search Advice: Paul Grana

Looking for work in the “Green Sector”?  Yeah, me too.  I was just sent a link to a great story on finding a job in the clean energy industry, here: Green-Job Search Advice: How to Maximize Your Opportunities.

Paul Grana is: ” a solar industry professional, where I work on DC power electronics (Tigo Energy), and have previously worked on the module side (Abound Solar). I also maintain a solar-focused blog:”

Along with some key bullets he lists, he gives some very interesting details…  such as, point #1:

“Burn the boats

If you’re not all-in on the industry, then your odds of success are really low. I’ve known a bunch of people who were half-trying to get into solar. Their success rate so far is 0%. Stop considering jobs at McKinsey or Google. You have to live and breathe your future industry, or you won’t get traction.”

Funny…  that is just about what I decided this weekend.  On my Facebook page I posted: “OK. I’m officially going balls-out, full throttle, take-no-prisoners to find a career in Electric Vehicles, Green Tech, Alternative Energy. If you have any ideas, send ’em this way. That is all.”

Anyway, there’s a lot there, as well as a podcast to listen to (at work, with your volume turned up…  burn the boat, right?).  Thanks Paul, and I’m looking forward to more installments… and in the meantime, if you know a job for someone who’s completely manic about electric vehicles and renewable energy, can take pictures pretty good, string a few words together and is handy with videos, (as well as around 25 years in Marketing) well send ’em on over!



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