Vectrix 3-Wheel VX-3 Li+

Will my Vectrix obsession stop?  Who knows…  but here’s a slick little ride that they coyly are saying “Coming Soon” on their site.  Here are the specs:

VX-3 Li+ version:
42 Amp Hour 5.4 kWh LiFePO4 battery
0 to 50 mph: 8.25 seconds
Range: 50 to 80 miles
Recharge time:e 4-6 hours
Batteries rated approximately 1,600 cycle charges (at 80%) for an estimated lifespan of 10 yrs or 50,000 mi
Peak power:  21 kW at the motor shaft
Rear hub motor
Maximum Continuous Power: 5.1 HP (3.8 kW)
Maximum Torque: 65 Nm
Maximum Continuous Torque: 23 Nm.
Curb weight: 525 pounds
MSRP: $14,995.00

I’m told the articulated steering mechanism is patented for scooters and motorcycles (by Vectrix LLC, presumably).

I’ve still got some questions out, and I’ll update the post when the answers come in, but apparently this was shown as far back as November 22 2010 at the COPSWEST trade show, via a post and photos I found in, and is currently being tested by the LAPD.  Which would mean they have working production models.

The fleet sales approach, especially to Law Enforcement, is particularly brilliant, in my opinion.  For one thing, it kind of eliminates one of the conundrums of selling electric scooters and motorcycles- the dealer network – by selling direct.  Vectrix isn’t missing that point, have a look at their Fleet Sales page to see the pitch, here.  Some interesting points…  indoor use, the flexibility of a bicycle, high top speed, good range…  all that good stuff.

Most importantly, it’s kind of cool looking.  Not tricked-out-Dodge-Charger-RoboCop cool, but a lot cooler than those guys sweating around town on their Smith and Wesson bicycles and shorts.  Three wheels, some radio whips and lights and all, painted black?  It could just work…

It looks like Vectrix is building up a good, solid line of products with real features and real delivery dates. (Update: Vectrix confirms they will be accepting orders as soon as April.)


2 responses to “Vectrix 3-Wheel VX-3 Li+

  1. Vectrix 3-Wheel VX-3 Li+, the vehicle that exists today, is here well before it’s time. Thank goodness it is here just in time. Enter the Vectrix 3-Wheel VX-3 Li+, leading edge technology, American engineering, and quality craftsmanship has made this vehicle set the global standard in transportation evolution. The perfect paradigm shift at the perfect time, Vectrix 3-Wheel VX-3 Li+. We have something to be proud of again, good ole American know how.


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