The Battery Geek: SAFT Batteries

You KNOW that somewhere in some underground facility under the North Pole there’s a lab developing a battery that channels the Power of the Universe.  Well, here’s a peek at what’s available for, well:

  • underwater vehicles
  • military electric and hybrid vehicles
  • distributed power sources for new battleships
  • directed energy devices
  • UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)
  • launchers and other space vehicles
  • high power UPS
  • decentralised energy networks
  • PV (photovoltaic) and other RES (Renewable Energy Systems)

Get the general idea?  They had me at “launchers”.

Now, it’s arguably one of the worst sites I’ve seen, but the SAFT site describes several really exciting battery technologies…  have a look, here, at the lithium pages.  Based on the claims that their technology has been used in telecom, solar storage and even EV racing applications, (seeAndros Electric Trophy 2010-2011 Season– Partner of the Andros Electric Trophy, Saft equips with lithium-ion batteries the 12 electric vehicles engaged in the race, four more than last season.”)  it’s looking like it’s a real company and really involved in every sector that can use a kick-butt battery.

Here’s a link to their sales network/distributor channel.

EDIT: Just got this from their Corporate Sales:
“Although Saft is a leader in Li-Ion technology in many markets, we currently do not manufacture plug and play systems for small vehicles such as motorcycles. To design a system requires a substantial amount of time and expense (NRE) and require substantial volumes. We currently do not supply cells or modules only.”

Anyone want to go in on a crap-ton of batteries with me?



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