site: DopedBike- the Electric Bicycle Blog

From the folks who bring you PlugBike, (one of my favorite sites for getting all the dish on “electrification of powersports” and partner site to the Electric Motorcycle Forum), you now got’yer DopedBike!

DopedBike is a site that plans “to scour the forums and the news help surface the best information on the web so the more casual user can learn about electric bicycles.”

The electric bicycle phenomenon is really kind of interesting.  As I’ve said in other posts, an electric bicycle was my first introduction to electric two-wheeled riding, and I suspect that’s the case for many people.  Typically an electric bike uses a hub motor…  it’s a really easy conversion, you just need to strap batteries and a controller somewhere to the frame (why, you can even do it to your kid’s BMX bike…  remember Sparky?) and there are several kits and low-cost options available.  You can make your first electric ride with under $1000 investment, and learn about the systems in the process.

Plus.  They’re FUN!

Even a quick scan of the site gave me some info I hadn’t seen before, such as this Hub Motor Kit simulator that calculates your torque, efficiency and top speed for your planned configuration. and this awesomely insane Ridiculous Electric Powered Trike Burnout Video.  (I’m still trying to figgur why they guy has pedals on that thing.)

The author is John Adamo, who sometimes goes by “skadamo”.  Here’s his lovable mug, in case you happen to be at the races, or in some, uh, “holding facility” in a third-world country somewhere, and you overhear some guy mumbling to himself about having to bust out of the place to top up his LiPo before they get below minimum charge,  and you want to know who it might be…

Great stuff, and I’ll be snagging the feed…  hell, I may have to snag that trike video, just to make the long New England winter pass by a little quicker.

Thanks skadamo!


One response to “site: DopedBike- the Electric Bicycle Blog

  1. hey we really need to look into the kits you talk about- the prices of e-bikes are low enough why go through all the fun of a conversion when you can buy a new bike with a warranty? i agree with you that learning to do the kit conversion is a real accomplishment but do you really think the average rider will do it? Maybe just us crazy electric bike nerds would think the kit is the way to go…


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