The Norton Electra in 2011: John Wild Joins Team Electra

John Wild of Square Wave Racing, also a valued member of the community, has released some juicy details about the 2011 and plans for the Norton Electra team.  According to his post, he and Brian Richardson, the builder of the Norton Electra that made history in a stunning start-from-last first place finish, are teaming up to take the Norton into the 2011 season.

“This will be a one bike team; the Norton based Moto Electra that Brian Richardson built. Brian and I became friends during the 2010 season and when I was lamenting my inability to raise the needed funds to build my own bike he offered me a position on his team. I’m super excited to be working with him and the rest of his team.

The sponsorship from Markel Insurance and Ice Warp that helped bring such success last year has been continued and those relationships are strong. The bike is being substantially upgraded and Thad Wolff is taking the challenge of riding competitively very seriously—he has been practicing and working on his physical fitness.”

The Team Electra site is here.

You know, I’m not much into racing…  but this is getting exciting.  When you see a bunch of guys who’ve become, well, your friends, even if it is internet friends, and they’re all working together to make something new?  Well… it kind of feels like you’re right in the middle of history being made.

Oh crap.  IF I get the R5e running, and IF TTXGP starts a Vintage Class, does this mean I may be racing against the Norton Electra?  …hoo boy.  I’m in trroubs…


2 responses to “The Norton Electra in 2011: John Wild Joins Team Electra

  1. Actually.. what Brian proved last fall is we don’t need TTXGP to race. You can build your vintage bike and just race in AHRMA like he did last fall. He told me last fall that there wasn’t any special relationship, anybody with a historical bike of any power train can race. Likewise Chip Yates is demonstrating that WERA is open to any bike, electric or otherwise. Both of them are opening a door to life beyond TTXGP/e-Power as the only place to race electric motorcycles.


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