First Sanctioned Electric vs. Gas Motorcycle Race: Norton Electra!

Where the hell was I?  While I was all watching Chip Yates and getting wrapped up in the TTXGP and KERS crap, over at Team Electra they were sitting back, smoking a nice fat cigar and polishing their trophy.  Apparently back in October, they started out at the end of the field and ended up taking first.  Barber Motorsports Park.  October 9, 2010. GP-350.

I’ll update with as much info as I can find…  but check out this AWEsome video…  gotta love me a nice, 1966 steel double-downtube frame, hmmmmm?


4 responses to “First Sanctioned Electric vs. Gas Motorcycle Race: Norton Electra!

  1. Yeah, where were you? I covered this story last October because Brian called me up the week after the race. (Team Electra in history-making win of electric motorcycles against gas bikes) And I mentioned it in my coverage of Chip’s bike. (Chip Yates (SWIGZ.COM Racing) shows electric superbike motorcycle at Infineon) (SWIGZ.COM Racing in WERA claiming exclusion by TTXGP and e-Power) Also I remember hearing of Zero or Quantya bikes racing in dirt bike races.

    A lot here depends on how you define “superbike”. Chip claims his is the first real electric superbike, that the others are somehow lesser because they didn’t match 600cc superbike speed. Hence, he can claim the label of first electric superbike to race in gas bike races.

    In the case of Team Electra, one issue is they don’t show up on the official results from the race. That’s because at the awards ceremony they withdrew their participation so that it wouldn’t perturb the results the other teams had fought all season for. Very sportsman-like, but it means if you look in the record-book their name doesn’t show up. I saw Chip did the same thing after the WERA race.

    • Thanks for the info, David. No, sorry, I don’t read your work on The Examiner, I find the unbelievably intrusive popups, even on my Mac, completely turn me off. I’ve clicked through a couple of times to read your stories there and, after the fourth or fifth popup, just shut the site down.

      Chip can spin words all he wants, and kudos to his PR team and sponsors, but the fact remains, Brian was first, and he kicked a little righteous ASS!

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  3. Dear Ted,

    Thank you so much for helping to get our story out. Our Featherbed chassis came right out of the 1950’s, as did our rider, Thad Wolff. The bike was built in my sheep barn and it is truly a blend of the old and the new. This year we will be racing under the name Moto-Electra Racing.

    I also want to thank the AHRMA organization and the other riders in GP-350 last year. It was extremely gracious of them to allow our bike to compete. No one had any idea how it would turn out. Sometimes people resist new technologies, but everyone at Barber understood that we are all just having big-fun and learning new things.

    We are working night and day on the old Norton so that we will still be competitive in 2011. Who knows, we might even meet up with Chip Yates.


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