Sneak Peek at EnerTrac TTXGP Motor!

EnerTrac sure knows how to tease…  but it’s the best kind of excruciating pain.  Here’s the first peek at his TTXGP motor for Team Catamount:

Why a Badass Hub motor for a race bike, you may ask?

From EneTtrac:

“It’ll let the bike hold less expensive larger format batteries and still be able to hold the full 7.5KW.

It’ll allow the batteries to be lower, much lower on the bike.

The motor is cooled by the wheel.

This is a high voltage lower current motor design so less copper cable weight, no chain weight or sprocket, no added metal for motor mounting.  Better streamlining- again no need to have protruding motors in the air stream.

This motor’s power band is optimized for high speed- it really shines at speed and is worst in off the line situations. She’ll be forced air cooled, solving one of the design challenges with wheel motors, no brushes, thin silicon steel design for low eddy currents allowing the unheard of high RPM.  This motor is capable of the MHM 600 series motor, has got to be the first direct drive hub motor capable of over 2000 RPM, that you can actually buy. Well that’s the short list.

Our goal is to get teams who can’t afford the really pricey batteries and still be able to compete.”

…but as Mark is fond of saying, we’ll let the track prove the claims. 


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