Charging Stations of the World (No, Really!)

Silly me.  Before posting my little interactive map, I thoroughly researched this and couldn’t find one, damn, map that had charging stations.  After I put together that map naturally all sorts of information came pouring in.  Well, of course, there are maps all over the place.  Here’s what I have so far.

Chargepoint has what looks to be the most complete coverage of the US, although I’m pretty sure it’s just their stations. has a site that seems like the oldest, and is said to be the best, but it looks like it only covers the California area, at least as far as the map goes.  The map is here.

There are a couple from the Czech Republic-, here, and another one here.

In the UK there’s EVNetworkUK, here, and the map here.

You also have this map of the UK on Google, here.

Now.  For charging station density, I’d say the Netherlands wins with this map.

That’s it for now…  all I need is about a dozen interns and six months, and we can get all this loaded into one place on our little Google map.    You know.  And then it will have to be updated again.  Any volunteers?

Notes: A list of charging station info site links, here.


2 responses to “Charging Stations of the World (No, Really!)

  1. Ted,

    I was very excited about the number of charge sites in the Netherlands…until I translated the page, and found that these are outlets at electric bicycle/scooter rental shops.


  2. We are close to releasing an open and free database of charging locations worldwide – OpenChargeMap ( The Open Charge Map database is intended to provide a single resource that websites and apps can use to locate charge points, their capabilities, and status. It has a simple attribution requirement for the data and is free for any use including commercial applications. The primary reason for developing this database is to prevent the future duplication of effort thats already resulted in more than 50 websites and apps worldwide displaying the same basic charge point data.


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