Builder Profile: David Lance Twomey and the Juicer

“My taste in motorcycles runs from about 1910 to 1950.  I have a BMW that looks like a ’38 but is actually made from parts from 1960 on.”

If you happened to see my post on the Juicer, this probably comes as no surprise.  There’s an instant recognition of the heritage of Twomey’s design, even to the casual observer, but, behind the design and the passion for vintage motorcycles there’s another passion – David Twomey is all about getting EVs noticed, appreciated…  desired, outside of the green EV crowd.

A UCLA Design graduate, Twomey has made his living, on and off, as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Comic artist, Medical Illustrator, Multimedia Designer and Storyboard artist.  He started his company, Juicer eMotorBicycles, in September of ’10, and he started it with a very clear vision.

His “target consumer”? “… people found at WWF events, NASCAR races, monster-truck rallys, and who watch nitro-burning funny-cars after church on SundaySundaySunday!”  Twomey’s not so much interested in preaching to the converted, he’s a true evangelist – he’s trying to spread the word among those who may not be so convinced by “a hybrid or electric with wheelbarrow-sized wheels”.

He has a traditionalist, purist view of motorcycle design which translates to the Juicer build: “The controls are intuitive to motorcycle riders; throttle and front brake in the right hand, rear foot brake.  Where others have used digital volt meters I use analog dials.  The power-switch is located and functions similar to the petcock.  As far as appearance, my philosophy is that the primal appeal of the motorcycle (especially to males) is that it exposes its machinery.  So, while other ebike manufacturers have sought to hide their battery packs, I show mine.”

The reasoning behind this?  To pull in motorcycle enthusiasts.  By the heart.  Well, other parts of the anatomy too… but not necessarily aiming for the brain.  “So with a foot in each world, I am positioning the Juicer brand to recruit fans of American Chopper, not by arguing eco-rectitude, but by channeling the sexiness of the greatest gas-burning machines of history. … It has to look like Steve McQueen jumped it over Knob-Hill or a row of barbed wire before landing in the showroom.  These machines will be sold, not with graphs and charts, but with squealing rubber and carshow bimbos.”

God forbid.  A man with vision … and a mission.

Find the Juicer eMotorBicycle at Holloywood Electrics, here.  The Juicer home page is here, at

David’s build thread can be found at, here, and his personal sites are here (his Illustration and Design site) and here – babyfacemason – (everything else he’s working on…  including more on the Juicer caper.)

Great work, David, and some true inspiration.  If nothing else, it’s undeniable that to promote electric transportation, it’s going to happen in every way imaginable…  from channeling Tron to harkening back to the stone-axe age of blood, sweat, tears and adrenaline.


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