Registering an Untitled Vehicle- AKA “Barn Find”

Since one of the things I’m doing here is restoring a pile of junk to it’s previous glory, the “barn find” issue comes up.  And yes. I’m thinking of going titled, street legal on the R5e.  Don’t ask why, I can’t explain it.  Anyway, you have the question, how can you register a bike that doesn’t have a title, or even an owner maybe, but certainly not a known history?  Well, I stumbled on this page, that goes through the regulations for each state: Register a Barn Find.

Now, that said.  Motorcycle theft and chop-shops are one of the most serious problems facing anyone owning a bike, and if you’re thinking you can buy that roller off that skeevy guy on CraigsList without a title, and pull all sorts of antics to get your Barn Find Title, well, think again.  Chances are, any bike like that is hot.  Period.  …and unless you want to be part of the problem, then just turn and walk away.


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