EnerTrac Tampers With Space and Time

Wanna see one way to make a Bigass Hub Motor?  Check out Mark Gelbien’s (EnerTrac) latest video – the DU602 (one word.  DUAL STATORS.  wait. ok.  dual-stators. yeah one word.  that’s it.):

Now, back a while ago I made a post about the Hammarhead Volta and how I wanted a bigger motor…  there were all sorts of rumors about who was developing what, and when.  Mark got a little testy about that post…  and I can see why, now…  While ZEV has come up with nothing but some lame comments about the demand and the market not justifying the expense, Mark was working away on this, and who knows what else.

Well, I’m here to tell ya…  I think Mark and EnerTrac are gonna hit this one outta the park!  I’m pretty sure this is what he’s planning for the Australia’s Team Catavolt entry, described in Autoblog Green.  UPDATE:  Mark says no- and has yet another card up his sleeve, apparently…  see this!


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