The Juicer eMotorBicycle

By way of the Hollywood Electrics Facebook page I saw this: The Juicer eMotorBicycle.  I will never be quite the same.  The Juicer is the work of one David Lance Twomey, and the tribute to the vintage V-twins of yesteryear- no, not just Harley, but just about every motorcycle/motorbike from the early and mid-20th century, with Headway cylindrical cells – is pure sculptural genius.  Here’s a shot I took recently at the Indian Motocycle Museum in Springfield, MA.

Here are the specs from David’s site:

Motor: 1000 watt brushed DC

Nominal Voltage: 36

Battery Type: Safer chemistry lithium (LiFePO4) lasting ~2000 charges

BMS (Battery Management System): Signalab 2.5

Weight: 70 lbs.

Brakes: Caliper in front, coaster in rear

Range: ~10 miles @ 20mph

Top Speed: If unrestrained can reach speeds in excess of 37mph, but to conform to California law, a throttle limiter is installed when sold, keeping the top speed near 20mph.

Funny.  More and more I’m seeing electric bikes as rolling sculpture.  Maybe it’s partly the evolution of the custom build, starting with the choppers of the ’60s, and maybe the electric side of it is that it’s new and different, that it’s part of the expression…  we’re seeing everything from the Agility Saietta trying to redefine the motorcycle in a “Tron” context, to brilliant concepts like the Juicer, firmly rooted in history, looking forward to the future.  (Saletta photo via Engadget)

If you’d like to see the Juicer in person, swing by Hollywood Electrics and take a look.  Here are the linkups:

Juicer home page.

Hollywood Electrics home page.

Hollywood Electrics Facebook page.

And…  David making the delivery the other day:

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