LiPo Balance Connectors Revealed

The secret of the LiPo battery configuration is how you tie together the balance tabs.  Sorry, can’t tell you more than that…  I’m on an NDA with one RC, but suffice to say I’m looking into the various methods to make connections and adaptations to the basic configuration.  The Turnigy packs have what’s called a JST-XH connector, and it seems the easy way to set them up would be to fabricate some sort of pigtail with this going to a PC board/connector dealy.  In my searches, I found this site, which tells you just about everything you’d ever want to know about the balance connectors on those crazy LiPo packs.

Just one more example of the RC/battlebot guys figuring out a lot of stuff we’re just starting to find out about- from TJin Tech’s “All about lipo balance connectors”, well, all about lipo balance connectors.

A little tied up at work right now, but I just found this thread on ES talking about suppliers.  More to come…  Here is the JST product site.


4 responses to “LiPo Balance Connectors Revealed

  1. Nice find man, thanks for the info.

    I hope this information becomes available to the public. The faster information is shared the better EV technology will get…. sooner.

    Can’t blame people for protecting their assets tho.

    • Thanks John, and true… the thing about LiPo that I can’t stress enough, though, is that it can be quite dangerous if not set up correctly. In other threads I’ve given links to more information which I encourage anyone interested to check out – but if you’re not willing to dive into the deep dark secrets of the LiPo “rabbithole” then you probably should avoid it, until the stuff goes more mainstream.

      • I hear ya. I read most of the Lipo FAQ on endless sphere. Also read your posts.

        I’ll take one kit please 😀

  2. After a few days of wondering how LiPo packs are actually connected/how balancing chargers work this was exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!


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