Mars Electric Gets New Name- Keeps Green Energy Focus

I got a note from John Fiorenza, the designer and manufacturer of the legendary Mars motors we all know and love and the owner of Mars Electric, saying they’d changed their name to Motenergy. New domain – – and site, but same great line of motors as well as other green energy products.  Some interesting stuff I passed by on my way to motors, too- a Pelton-type water wheel for hydro-electric generation, and a 5 hp long-shaft electric outboard- cool stuff.  (And me without a sailboat… sad, really.)

John is a great source of support and information and filled me in on the history of the Etek motor and other interesting tidbits for my post, “A Short Primer on the History of the Etek Motor, and Other Tales”.  John just released the “Agni Killer”- the ME1003, a 11.5 KW continuous and 23 KW peak PMDC motor that’s gonna be the next beast that’s going into my build…

Best wishes John, and thanks for the heads-up!


6 responses to “Mars Electric Gets New Name- Keeps Green Energy Focus

    • Yeah, I only am concerned with motors that are actually in production. Can’t wait to see the Agni Jenny was running, and it will fit into my new build, too! Made sure of that… 🙂

  1. Couple other thoughts – it looks to be physically bigger than the Agni motor – definitely physically bigger than the one they had at Albacete – and no info on whether the motor can be run shaft-to-shaft for a dual drive. (The ETEK cannot be run shaft-to-shaft for example) If it is physically bigger then it’s less suitable for the dual-motor approach many of the bikes have been using.

    • When you say the Etek, do you mean the original Etek, or what people are mistakenly calling the Etek-RT, which is John’s product? In any case, not sure why you couldn’t connect either of them shaft-to-shaft, but that’s a pretty thin criticism.

      By the way, the big ME1003 in bench testing has proved out to be considerably more robust than even it’s ratings may suggest.

      …and, good job working a link to your posts, as always, David. 😉 It’s getting a little tiring. If you have something to say, feel free to say it. Here.

      • I meant the original ETEK, I dunno if the Mars / Motoenergy motors allow that. Over on VisForVoltage there’s some discussions about this issue – has something to do with timing or some other detail that is escaping me at the moment.

      • Probably they’re talking about a brushless version of the motor- there may be issues running one in reverse. No such issue with the PMDC Mars/Motenergy motors, simply reverse the polarity.


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