Headway vs. Turnigy

Snowed in today.  You know I have to be snowed in to be doin’ math.  But here are the numbers.  This is the Turnigy 5ah 22V pack vs. the Headway 10ah 3.2v cells.


1 pack – 22V, 5ah (rated 20C)

4 packs – 88V, 5 ah

4 packs x 4- 88V, 20 ah

16 packs @ $60 = $960

28 lbs

16 packs @ 2 x 2 x 6 = 384 cu in


1 cell – 3.2V, 10 ah (rated 10C)

28 cells – 89.6V, 10 ah

56 cells – 89.6V 20 ah

56 cells @ $20 = $1120

37.9 lbs

56 cells @ 1.5 x 1.5 x 6 = 756 cu in

Now, that’s not to say that the Turnigy are a slam dunk.  LiPo is touchy, and if you’re looking at these you should start by looking here, at the LiPo noob thread on Endless Sphere.  But still…


3 responses to “Headway vs. Turnigy

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  2. 5ah is not sufficient for a motorcycle. That means you’ll be paralleling. Will this Turnigy gizmo support being paralleled? The wires coming out of the Turnigy gizmo don’t look sufficiently beefy for the sort of discharge you see on a motorcycle. The page doesn’t say what the ribbon cable does, is there a built-in BMS or is it simply wires connecting to each cell? It is an interesting option..


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