CAD for Mac? TurboCAD!

I wrote 4 books.  FOUR  books on Photoshop and digital photography.  YET.  I just can’t wrap my head around some of these CAD and modeling programs.  Sketchup = SketchNOT, BigBlueSaw part designer makes my head hurt.  AutoCAD is the price of my mortgage.  What to do?

TurboCAD.  TurboCAD Mac Designer is $70.  They give you a 15 day trial download.  They rock.

In about an hour I had my part, all printed and tested, all exported to the .dwg CAD format…

Much as I’m a cheap bastard and I have my part all made, and maybe don’t have much else to design, and maybe I could crack this, I’m sending them my $70.  Cause I love them.



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