The Cushman Minute Miser

The deeper you look, the more you find seemingly random electric vehicles that have long histories and followings.  I was going through the motorcycle section of my local CraigsList and found this beauty- a Cushman Minute Miser.  A what?

Of course, there’s a Cushman restoration resource page, complete with history of the brand and links to resources, here.  Our Minute Miser looks like a little golfcart-type unit built for the management-zipping-around the-plant-market, and at 24V it would seem that any other application, even a golf-cart type use, just may be a little bit beyond it’s scope.

Not having much of a factory floor to worry about getting around, and not having much use for any 24V components, plus, I’ve got a restoration project of my own in progress, I’m going to pass on this cute little rig, but if you’re interested, take a look at the eBay page, here.  As they say, Happy Bidding!


2 responses to “The Cushman Minute Miser

  1. Those vintage Cushman 24 volt Electric Minute Misers were built well back in the 1950’s & 60’s – and are gaining collector interest. Most replacement parts are still available and if you go to the Minute Miser King Website (I believe you’ve been. . .) you can down load all of the parts manuals for free.

    Happy Hunting


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