Tesla Chicago!

Yep…  I’m here in Chicago and almost drove into a lamppost when I saw the Tesla dealer here…

Got the job wrapped up fast, and found myself yapping it up with some awesome Tesla folks- Erin Rolls, and none other than Tony Helmholdt – ElMoto member, builder, and TTXGP racer boy!  His blog is here…  check it out!

It was really interesting seeing the actual machine…  they have a motor out on display on the showroom floor, and are more than happy to talk geek with you.  One of the really interesting things I learned was that the battery compartment is both cooled, and heated…  a feature very to the point on that 18ºF afternoon in December Chicago!  They let me peer into the service area, too – the main service center for the midwest, I guess.  Funny though…  they wouldn’t let me look behind the curtain.  The curtain with the batteries behind it.

I learned a few things from Tony, too.  He’s run an RD250 build, and was getting a hoot out of my R5 build.  He also ran dual Mars ME0709 motors.  His performance numbers were staggering.  0-60 in around 4 sec.  Now…  that gets me to thinkin…



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