Turkeyday Reading: Motley Fool and Electric Scooters

Has the Motley Fool been reading the Electric Chronicles?  Check it out:

“Scooters make almost too much sense as an electric vehicle. They’re small and lightweight and never travel long distances — at least I wouldn’t drive one very far. We aren’t talking about a huge market, but it makes more sense in a lot of ways than having an electric family sedan. … the smaller electric vehicles could use a little more love from both the industry and the media.”

This is what I been SAYin’!

From “We’re Focusing on the Wrong Electric-Vehicle Market“.

Brammo’s not going to be too pleased with one comment, (“Zero Motorcycles is the closest thing we have right now to a stylish electric bike”) but it’s a pretty interesting take on the market and the media.  Keep in mind, I don’t think it’s particularly news, either…  several car companies are putting out little concept scooters- BMW, Lexus, VW… somebody there already gets it, I reckon, and is testing waters…

Can I just say?  I love the Fool.  Anyone with enough humor and humility to give financial advice and call himself the Motley Fool is OK in my book…  “To Educate, Amuse and Enrich”.



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