trouble a’brewin…

yep.  cain’t be good.

Full report forthcoming…

(but ain’t it preeeetttty?)

OK, here’s the dish.  It’s a 1971 Yamaha R5 frame, forks and front wheel.  The plan is to strip it down, powdercoat or nickle plate the frame, build it as a naked, not street legal cafe build.  No lights, no crap, just speed and handling.  I’m going to do a universal NEMA C mount face, so I can bolt in my Mars ME0709 motor, but later maybe something else- I’ll do it so the Agni will fit, too.  Batteries?  I’m thinking LiPo, in a removable/universal pack arrangement.  I’m keeping the spoked wheels and the hub brakes…  ’cause they look cool.

Once again, into the breach!

Pieces propped together:


A little background.  First, the post that brought me back to my Yamaha RD350 roots: on the Hammarhead Volta.

Annnnnd, a shot of my first RD build, back way back in the day…



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