Diversion- New Toy: “Surfing Electric Scooter”

Gotta love those Chinese manuals… “Thanks for your great kindness to the product of this company.”

At any rate, it’s another save from the Jaws of the Landfill from CraigsList.  Thanks to Shirly, this little puppy has a new home.  It’s in never-used condition, and it never ran…  didn’t make a peep when they put it together, and it’s been sitting forlornly in the corner of the garage since then.

Everything looked as it should, there was no damage or corrosion, and all the wires were attached, so I took the VOM to the batteries.  Nuthin.  Then I tested the charger- not much there, either.  Now, my guess is the charger is toast, and never got the batteries up to voltage.  When I clipped in my good batteries to the controller, it sped off into the coffee table, so everything else seems to be in good shape.

Right now I am charging it up with my good 24V charger, and we’ll see if the batteries take a charge.  (Update: After a half hour or so, yes indeed- they’re taking a charge.  Game over!)   If not, and anyway, I think a little battery transplant is in order- 5ah batteries ain’t gonna cut it, and I just happen to have some 12aH cells lying around homeless…

What I HAVE to stop doing is looking at stuff like this:

Jake, you seein’ this?

Update: Officially, 250W isn’t enough to get out of it’s own way.  The deck says “All Terrain”, I guess that means “Absolutely Level Smooth Surface” in Chinese.  🙂  I’m going to definitely have to do a motor transplant, or use this for scooting around the shop.  Slowly.


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