Sky Cycle Salvage: FOUND!

Many many years ago, there was a junkyard for bikes, tucked away in the outlying boruoughs of Central Massachusetts, not a stones throw from the old Whalom Park – a legend in its own right, and home of a classic, now demolished, wooden rollercoaster.  When I started converting motorcycles, I tried to find them, and there was nothing.  I tried to find any salvage yards for bikes, there is a kind-of lame garage on the South Shore, but nothing like Sky.

Well, after a trip out to Lunenburg, and some sniffing around and some pointed questions, I found them.  Here’s a snap Teresa took while we were there- just one room of the huge space inside the mill you see above:

The address is 109 River Street, Fitchburg, MA.  01420.  Their phone is 978-345-4647.  You can email them requests at skyused07 (at)  And yes- they’re used to getting requests from guys like me building electric bikes, and they do buy parts, too.

Talking to the owner, I realized he looked familiar…  it was Fred.  The original owner of Sky Cycle- the Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki dealership in Central Mass back in the day, and the very same place I bought my beloved 1986 Yamaha SRX600.  New.  In 1986.  That I still ride almost every day.  “You mean that sweet red bike with the kickstart? says Fred.  Yes, yes indeed.



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