Henri the Painter

Everyone approaches projects in their own way…  and throughout the bike, and several other projects I’ve done, the character Henri the Painter lingers in my mind.  There’s always a temptation to make a project last forever, and it’s partly the love of the project itself- once you complete it, it’s over, kind of like not wanting to finish a great book.  Here’s a little description of Steinbecks Henri character, from my own book, Fossils to Flux:

“In the Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row” there’s a character known as Henri the painter.  Henri was neither French, nor a painter actually, and Henri was building a boat.  Henri had, however, a profound fear of the water.  As Henri would approach the completion of his boat, he’d find some reason to dismantle the boat and start rebuilding it all over again- assuring he could avoid confronting his mortal fears.”

You can read the Cannery Row section here, via GoogleBooks. Great stuff.



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