Hub Motor Hall Sensor Update

I redid the wiring and tested the Hall sensors, as per my previous posts.  It was a little dicey, and my volt meter was acting wonky, so I wasn’t confident that the tests were conclusive, leading me to just slap the motor back together and put it back on the scoot for a test.  Nothin’.

Either the Hall sensors are complete toast, or I need a new controller.  At this point, after mulling it over for the week, I’ve decided that since the Hall sensors are nickel-dime items and I have it apart, I may just as well replace them with new ones.  No need to spend money on a new controller, and I’m not at all sure that would be the fix, anyway.  I carefully scraped the epoxy from around the slots they were mounted in and gave them some prodding.  Not much was needed, and they popped out.

Of course, the side I needed to scrape was also the side that had the identification markings, so I had to look at all three and try to piece the whole product ID code together.  I got this: S41 814.  Or, 641 814.  I’m not really sure which.  Now to track it down.  Naturally, just to make it interesting, Digikey won’t cross reference the part number…

(Update- David O’Brien, Master of Space and Time came over last night and ran every imaginable test with a VOM that actually worked.  Or, he just knows how to use it…  but the result was we (he) pretty much concluded that all three sensors were fried, since we got no response from any of them.  Cross referencing them is a little dicey, but we’re ordering the Honeywell SS41 from Digikey…  will update. )

(Update on update: David wasn’t happy with our living room testing facility…  he decided to set up a test bed where we could make sure we had good connections, the sensors were under load, and we knew, uh, well, he knew exactly what was going on.  We pulled out each sensor from the board and plugged them in to the bet.  They all test out fine, actually…

Here’s the rig, next step is to tear open the controller.)



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