“The Future of Motorcycles” Survey

First, go here and take this survey.  It’s a survey being done by Jarod Bock, (friend of a friend) of University of Southern California Marshall School of Business as a case study.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait…

tap tap tap… tap tap tap…

OK, back so soon?  Thanks.  Now.  What’s wrong with that survey?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the survey.  It doesn’t mention anything about FUN!  Look, electric motorcycles are FUN!  Hell, electric anythings are FUN!  I was only 12 years old when I rode in the Renault Mars 2 and you know what?  It was a BLAST!  Even a Razor scooter!  What gives here?  Why doesn’t anyone talk about that?

The whole electric vehicle community has to stop yapping all about how green, or how responsible, or how carbon-footprint cool it is to have an electric car.  They’ve got to start talking about how damn much fun they are.  Seriously.  Have you ever driven a Prius?  I have, it’s a blast!  Why?  Because it’s different, it’s new, it’s remarkable.  You get in and it’s all a big, exciting experiment.

Ever been riding an electric scooter like a Razor?  I used to use one for bombing around the city making tech calls on clients.  Zoom silently down the sidewalk.  Zoom into the lobby.  Zoom down the hall.  Talk to people – everyone – about this nifty little gadget, and park it outside the clients door.

Ever ride an electric bicycle?  It’s like magic.  You peddle away, maybe out of habit, maybe just to get started, then you twist the throttle and it’s like a mysterious force is pulling you forward.  I read a book about driving in a car in the ’30s and how it was likened to “flying through the air, as if by magic carpet”.  Like that.

I’ve talked about electric motorcycles before.  Getting on a good road, early on a Sunday morning, the dew fresh on the daisies, and screwing that throttle on while holding on for dear life is the nearest thing to holding on to a hell-bound train I think I’ll probably get the chance to experience in this lifetime.  The thing puts power on like a turbine.  It just spins up, and lord help you if you get in it’s way.

You getting the idea here?

Before you make up your mind – hell, before you voice an opinion – about an electric vehicle, the expense, the payback, whatever you have to do to justify it to yourself, your significant other, your mother, whatever…  take one for a drive.  And let your preconceived notions melt away…

Everybody I’ve let ride my bike has started out by asking the usual questions…  how far does it go, how much, how fast.  When the get back from their ride, there’s only one question.  How can I get one?

Well…  there is ONE company that gets it…

The original video:


Mission Motors — the World’s first Electric Superbike from Peer Landa on Vimeo.


5 responses to ““The Future of Motorcycles” Survey

    • Great article and all electric bikes I’ve ridden have been fun for sure.

      I think Green is a good marketing angle to bring in investors but more people will buy “fun” …or being part of a group but that is another article :D. With the recession I think expensive fun is less on the average persons mind but in a (hopefully a short) while that should change.

  1. I took the survey and there was a bit where they asked if there was anything you’d like to add. I wrote a line, then another line then another. Eventually I stopped, not because I’d finished but because I was starting to get embarassed by my gushing. This is what I wrote:

    Maybe you want to eliminate my responses. Firstly I’m in Australia. Secondly I’m a “true believer”. I love the simplicity of an electric compared to the massive complexity of a fourstroke. I love the lack of engine braking. I love the instant power. I love the way I can jump on and ride with no warming up. I love not spending my weekends tearing them apart and fixing or replacing worn, dirty or burnt parts. I love knowing it’s always full whenever I jump on. I love being able to head off early for work and I don’t wake my neighbours up. I love the cool sound. I love never having to leave it at the dealers for a service. I love the lack of vibration that lets me see if it’s a taxi or a cop car in the mirror. I love being able to pull away knowing it won’t stall or starve for petrol. I love never having to carry spare spark plugs. I love never having bottles and bottles of used engine oil that I need to drive out to the waste centre “one day”. I love knowing that my dog or the neighbours kids won’t burn themselves on the exhaust if they run up to me as I get home.


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