New Addition to the Collection- the X-treme XB500

Well, thanks to Craigslist and my new buddy Bill, we saved the landfill from another contribution.  This little gem- the Xtreme XB500- really more of a motorized bicycle than a true scooter-  has some bad Hall sensors (I think), and getting these things repaired being what it is (impossible), Bill listed the scoot on the Boston CL.  We’ll see how it goes, but hopes are that it will be scooting around in a few days.  In the process, I’m hoping I can do a little how-to on replacing Hall sensors in a hub motor.

The company, X-treme Scooters, looks to be not just another fly-by-night Chinese scooter caper – they have a lot of support on the site, have released some new models, and also sell parts.  Here’s from their “about us” blurb:

“The current distributor for X-Treme Scooters is Green Max Distributors located in Tacoma, Washington effective Feburary 1, 2010. Green Max’s location for shipping purposes allows us to ship to anywhere in the USA generally in 4 business days or less. They operate out of a 30,000 SQ FT warehouse and employ more than 20 full time people. X-Treme Scooters also operates an office located in Southern China where we employ our quality control staff of engineers that ensures that all of our products are manufactured to our specifications and that each product is in working order before being shipped to our distributors.”

Here are the specs:


500 Watt

Motor Type :

Brushless Hub Motor – Motor is in center of rear wheel


48 Amp Circuit


48 Volts


4 – 12 volt 10 AMP (Four batteries total) (48 Volts)

Tire Size:

16×2.5 on 16″ Inch Aluminum Wheels


Smart Charger Included


20 MPH


Up to 20 – 25 miles per charge – can still pedal if charge is lost

Throttle Type:

Variable speed control – Twist throttle on right grip

Storage Areas :

Large area below seat + Large trunk + Small area near key

Suggested Max Weight:

300 lbs


Wheel to wheel 57″ – Max Width 25″ – Seat Height 31″

Scooter Weight:

178 Lbs

Battery Indicator:


Cargo Rack:


Remarkably, they sell a bunch of parts for the scooters, too- everything from plastics to wheel bearings and swingarms.  Parts for the XB500 are here.

My son has already made a bid for the parts of this for some bicycle conversion, but I don’t think it’s going to go that way.  The battery box looks under-utilized and there’s a storage box under the seat.  It should be a pretty simple matter to get the range up into the 30 and 40-mile neighborhood making it a bike you could use for some good, daily urban applications.  And I just happen to have some extra batteries around…  😉


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