Who killed the electric motorcycle?

…more like, who killed good journalism.  This story, which I hate to even link to, is just the worst example of irresponsible journalism.  Provocative title guaranteeing page views.  Stream of consciousness reasoning, backed up with spotty research.  That would all be fine, except this is Fortune via CNN Money, and it’s talking about a burgeoning industry that needs encouragement, not cheap shots.

Probably the most disturbing thing about this is the fact that electric motorcycles represent a unique, new opportunity for US companies to grow.  Torpedoing this market seems to me to be more than irresponsible, it seems like libel.

Here, reluctantly, is the story: Who killed the electric motorcycle?

Rather than quote the story, I think the comments are more worthy of noting.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Harry Mallin Sep 28
Fortune and CNN and Money Magazine need to be a bit more selective when paying freelancers to write articles for them. Okay, actually, they need to be a LOT more selective. Some basic research and elementary-school-level Google search skills could have turned this into a… no… nothing could have saved this stream-of-consciousness exercise. Harley Davidson as the bellwether of success in the motorcycle world? Please.

Susanna SchickSep 28
This is offensive. I honestly hope Ms Hammond was not paid to write this drivel.

There is a massive and rapidly growing electric motorcycle industry which is currently identical to the internet circa mid-90’s. These are not scooters, but full-fledged race bikes!

Please do a little research before you write, Ms. Chevron Executive. Or at least be honest and tell your editors you know NOTHING about this topic.

Here is the series that started it all: http://www.egrandprix.com/

and here is my shameless plug because while Ms Hammond is reading press releases, I’ll be at Albacete covering the TTXGP finale as a freelance writer. http://gas2.org/author/susannaschick/

My favorite:
Sal Grasso Sep 28
an e-bike can never sound or feel like a Harley

(Thank GOD for that, Sal!)

Oh, by the way…  when I start gauging the viability of an industry based on what Harley Davidson riders will buy, can you take me out back and put me out of my misery, please?



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