Fund for Matt Dieckmann

Please spread the word… Travis Gintz has set up a fund to help Matt’s family, and, if possible, help continue Matt’s work and his passion.  Donate here.

I never had the chance to meet Matt- but there’s one thing about him that resonates in everything you read- he kept it positive, he worked for the bigger goal of promoting what he was passionate about, rather than personal ambition.  He was well-loved, and will be missed.

There’s a great tribute to him here, on the TTXGP site

“At the age of 29, he followed his passions and started Electric Race Bikes, a high-performance electric motorcycle parts retailer located in Northern California and a US distributor for Agni Motors. Not only does he go down in history, taking part in the first ever North American TTXGP zero carbon championship, he did it with style. Achieving a podium in his first ever outing in what is regarded as one of the most thrilling races of the series so far at Infineon Raceway, his home track. He had qualified for the TTXGP World Championship Final with his stoic rider, Mike Hannas.

He demonstrated a quiet determination to get the job done and without complaint, rolled with the challenges. Most memorably, in Mosport, it was his drive to be part of it that delivered an incredible feat of perseverance in obtaining a specialised replacement controller for a Sunday morning race that had only failed Saturday evening. It was like being on the A-Team. It just came together beautifully.”

Besides everything else- to have the A-Team mentioned in a tribute written about you?  The guy’s my hero.  Donate what you can, it will mean the world to his family and to the whole community, I assure you.

We are, all of us, writing our history here- and Matt will go down as one of the legends.



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