My latest project…

(or, “and now for something completely different…”)  …but so cool for so many reasons.

First, rescued from the landfill via Scott and Craigslist.

Second, giving me a reason and method for using up the very last of my scooter batteries before I recycle them.

Third, mowing the lawn with electric?  ‎”A 2001 study showed that some mowers emit the same amount of pollution (emissions other than carbon dioxide) in one hour as driving a 1992 model car for 650 miles (1,050 km).[10] Another estimate puts the amount of pollution from a lawn mower at four times the amount from a car, per hour”

Here it is, all charging and everything…

Thanks Scott!

NOW to get to work on the solar charging


2 responses to “My latest project…

  1. Im sure this is a stupid question but, could the motor in this thing be rigged to a go-cart like a traditional lawnmower engine? Probably not, but I have been wondering that ever since I bought one…

  2. Not stupid at all! It’s one of the things I had in the back of my mind when I picked it up.

    Buuut… It’s a pretty small motor- you may be able to use it as a helper motor for a bicycle or a pitbike like what that kid Jason built, but at 24V it’s not going to get you going too fast.


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