Awesome Electric Motorcycle TCO Calculator

Want to see what the total cost of owning an electric ride is?  Saunter on over to…  there’s this slick little widget for estimating TCO.

First, the guy gets my undying respect for having the inspiration to reserve that URL so early in the game.  Brilliant!  Second, I lay myself at the feet of anyone who can put a widget like this together… we are not worthy!

edit: Oh crap.  I see that Brammofan had something to do with it.  Does this mean I have to give him some adoration back?


2 responses to “Awesome Electric Motorcycle TCO Calculator

  1. Dang Ted! You got my calculator mentioned in an article on! I have read that blog since they began blogging, even before I started obsessing about EVs. I am the one who is not worthy! Big thanks for the post on elmoto forums too. Bloggers unite!


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