Follow this man! @BrammoCraig

Poor Craig Bramscher at Brammo seems hung at 1974 followers* on his Twittering.  The man needs HELP!

Dudes.  He’s the frikkin Big MuckyMuck of the Brammo Home Planet!  FOLLOW his ass!

His twittering is here.

(Disclaimer: This post is a fictional account.  Any resemblance to any efforts to usurp the title of Brammo Evangelist are purely coincidental.  References to Brammo Empulse, Can I Get a Free Bike, I Can Haz Empulse? or any other self serving attempts and interests are specifically and unconditionally denied.)

*1974 was the year I graduated High School.  Coincidence?  Fate?


One response to “Follow this man! @BrammoCraig

  1. I’d like to see Brammo opening selling points in Europe.
    This bike has so much potential to become the starting point of a new generation of commuters.


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